The eternal struggle…

What do I want for dinner tonight?

It’s a tough choice to make, especially if you just finished work or class, and your ‘hAnger’ has you contemplating, “You know, maybe I could get away with murder…”as you creep along behind someone doing ten under the speed limit.

A lot of times I get to the grocery store, and I default to making something quick, easy, and familiar. Pizza, canned soups, prefab pasta sauce. Or if I’m feeling particularly lazy, I’ll grab some takeout. And yet…

After I’ve finished, and the monster has released its’ claws from my stomach, a vague feeling of guilt sweeps over me, like I just finished a whole box of cookies or chips in one sitting. “Wait a second. I’m better than this!” I exclaim to my gently swelling belly.

The next day, the pendulum swings the other way. Ribeye steak, garlic mash, sautéed haricots vert, demi-glace. Everything plated beautifully, like a spread in “Bon Apetit” magazine.

As the drowsiness overcomes me, and I slip into the inevitable food coma, I feel a smug satisfaction. “You did it! “, I chuckle to myself sleepily. You’re a creator, an artist, an auteur! My dreams are filled with images of chef Ramsay, and Guy Fieri, prostrating themselves before my magnificence.

The next morning, as I examine my receipts from the store, ($60 for groceries, WTF!), and eye the mound of dirty dishes in my sink, the great chef evaporates. The hangover, both metaphorical, and (sometimes) literal, sets in. 


The secret is to find the balance. Food that is healthy, easy to make, fast, affordable, and most importantly (for me), easy to clean up afterward. 

I hope the recipes, tips and insights you’ll find here can help with your daily struggle.


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  1. This is a legit struggle – we are not alone, though!

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